Velvet Cover Beautiful Juzdan for Quran (Small A5(14X20 cm))

SKU: 16-2V

size: Small A4(14X20 cm)
color: Random Colour
style: Classic
Sale price£11.99


  • Weight: Small(100g) Large( 150g)
  • How to use: After reading the Holy Quran most people prefer to keep it within a cover called juzdan to ensure cleanliness for books It can be used for all kinds of books especially Islamic books or Quran Qaida
  • Suitablity: Wedding edition ghilaf cover suitable for jahaiz graduation gift and also suitable girls and boys madrassa students suitable for A4 and A5 size korans or the Arab style Quraans Beirut Egypt Saudi
  • Matreial use: We have designed this product from velvet cover high quality and strong durable material item
  • Size (cm) : Small 22x27x0.10 (approx) Large 24x30x0.10 (approx)
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