Natural Fresh Moist Vacuum-Packed Olive Miswak (10 Sticks) - Tooth and Gum Care (Natural Flavor) (10)

SKU: 11013-17(x10)

item_package_quantity: 10
size: 3 count (Pack of 1)
Sale price£9.99


  • Miswak Stick is Made with Pure Wood Which Protects your Gums and Makes them Healthier. The Material is 100% Organic so Children and Adults Both can Use it for Whitening their Teeth and Avoid Bad Breath Easily.
  • This Miswak Provides Smoothness to your Teeth and Gives Best Treatment to your Teeth and Prevents your Teeth from Tarter and Eliminate Plaque from your Teeth and Gives Whiteness and Shine to your Teeth.
  • Sometimes Doctors also Suggest Miswak Rather than Toothpaste Because Toothpaste Consists of many Chemicals Which can Harm your Sensitive Gums but it is Chemical Free so your Teeth are Safe and Fresh with Miswak. It is used as Oral Dental Hygiene Tool. The Who (World Health Organization) Have Acknowledged their Benefits and Many Others also Studied the Benefits of Miswak.
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