Al-Khair 5 x Pack MISWAK MESWAK Sewak, Arak, Siwak, Peelu Natural Toothbrush

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  • 5 x Pack Miswak Meswak Sewak, Arak, Siwak, Peelu Natural Toothbrush Siwak or the Sewak Miswak is a stick of cinnamon colour. It is used for the care of the teeth and oral hygiene for a long time. propriètè Sewak – Siwak or miswak: Dental Health: – It prevents cavities and its expansion. – It will fortify the gums become more solid. – It previent plaque – it makes teeth whiter (removes yellow colour). – It eliminates bad breath. – Improves the sense of taste and clears the voice. – It aids digestion. Siwak or the Sewak Miswak is known as it was in the moyent-orient and Asia in ancient times it was used to brush and clean teeth due to its high content of antiseptic agents and gum calmans. The best Sewak – Siwak or miswak is made out of the tree from the Arak (Salvadora pérsica) through which our toothpaste has been developed
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