Ahsanul Qawaaid

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  • Ahsanul Qawaid Colour coded - Durable Gloss Finish (New Edition)#1702 2k PB 56pp,29 Lessons Kalimahs Duas, How Wudu/Salah diagrams, Colour coded - Gloss Finish Gloss ISBN : 9781848281134 Publisher: Azhar Academy Ltd This is the new edition of the ever so popular Ahsanul Qawaid, which is presented in an all new Durable Gloss Paper . Includes : The 7 Kalima's with English Meaning Tasbihat (Dua's & Prayers) For Salah with Meanings Procedure of Making Wudhu, with Diagrams How to Perform Salah with diagrams (according to Hanafi School of thought)
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